OP 1 Headphone jack loose, questions.

Hey guys. I’ve somehow knocked the audio out jack loose from the board. I bought it used and it was a bit finicky when i got it in terms of audio dropouts but not a big deal. but it has since gotten worse.

I read on here a thread about finding the bad connection point with a screwdriver and soldering that to fix the drop outs. This weekend I popped the back plate off and discovered the whole plastic housing for the audio out is lose compared to the audio in. As a stopgap i folded up a bit of paper towel and wedged it between the audio out jack and the back plate like you would do with a table on an uneven floor, haha. This totally eliminates the dropouts and i thought i was good, but i noticed today when i try to record it into my interface as a mono instrument i am only getting the left channel. if i pan everything
hard left in the OP-1 mixer it sounds as expected, center pan is almost silent and right pan is silent.

So my question is, what’s going on with the jack that gives me both channels on headphones but only the left channel over a mono cable? (in the past with the same set up a mono cable has given me a mono sum of both channels which leads me to believe the right channel is somehow phasing itself and the center out in the mono channel.) is one of the connnectors still loose? trying to avoid the 50 dollar i/o board if possible.