OP-1 How do you work with vocals?

First off, I’m a total n00b still with the OP, been looking at all possible ways to record things through the mic to tape and it made me wonder. Is it possible to use the synth-level fx on the mic when recording to tape? I would love to be able to multitrack vocals with fx on the OP and it seems like it would be a match made in heaven but I can only record the 6 seconds with fx with Sampler. Is there a workaround so I can record straight to tape but through the fx and preview this while doing it?

If not my feature request on top of the list would be some sort of vocoder/fx machine to process the mic before it hits tape. But knowing TE there has to be a workaround?

Anyways, besides this specific question it might be nice to know, how do you use the Mic in and treat vocals?


As far as I know you can’t send mic/line through effects. You could record your vocal track to tape and then solo it, add fx and bounce it to another track? This would require some planning ahead/a spare track to bounce to, but should work OK for what you want. Agreed though, would be much quicker workflow if you could route mic/line through effects.

Edit - and it’s always better to hear vocals with their effects while laying them down so you can tailor your delivery etc. Def a shame you can’t route through effects in realtime…

I’m no Michael Jackson, so I REALLY need to work the fx to avoid sounding to much like … well … me :slight_smile: So not being able to preview the fx is a bit of a buzz killer.

Even with sampler the fx won’t kick in until you actually hit record. If Sampler would allow you to always have the fx on simply cranking up the volume of the mic and then hitting tape would turn the OP into a total dream for tracking vocals. 6 mins of lush mumblings through a cow, who wouldn’t want that!

Since im also a total Noob :slight_smile: im not sure if this video from Cucoo helps for your question, but here he is running his voice through a fx, dont know though if its also possible to record this…

OP-1 CWO Filter CUCKOO Demo - YouTube

Ah, looking at that cuckoo vid I could have been totally wrong! Maybe you can record/monitor vox through fx?

That is prob the master fx, as you can record to tape straight from the mic. A bit of a chore as you’d have to finalize to album and then bounce back to tape to capture this?

But I knew my best solution would prob be handed to me by Cuckoo, as a tut or a reply :slight_smile:

That might be my favourite cuckoo video of all time :wink:

Guess you buy a 2nd OP-1 :wink: Or maybe one of those cheap zoom multi fx pedals would be worth picking up for vox fx? Heard pretty good reports on em for other stuff.

I could use my ipad as well to keep it portable, but the goal for me with OP is to keep it as OP as possible :slight_smile:

Yeah I can fully relate to that, same plan here :wink:

record via master fx into a separate recorder. or to tape and then bounce to a spare track

You can record to Album ,but would have backing beat and all op out put bounced through master tx to recording.
Not idea for singing over OP1 tracks.
Maybe use a metronome or backing track from a synced machine or app set to tempo,then mute OP1 backing tracks.Still a vibe killer ,plus the bounce from album back to tape.

Yeah, that sums it up nicely, backing tracks would go through the same fx as the vox which kind of either limits your choice of fx or sounds like a total mess. And indeed, bouncing and stuff is a bit of a vibekiller. I would consider the OP-1 at heart to be the absolute anti-vibekiller so it just feels wrong :slight_smile:

I think being able to have the fx on sampler set to always on on the mic in would really solve it. But this might technically not be possible. But man, it would totally make the OP shine in yet another field of recording.

Yes ,an instrument for audio input/pass through mods etc (gate even) would be great.

That would be perfect indeed, harmonizer/pitchshifter/crazy verb a la big skybut the TE way. But for now the small change to the sampler-synth would be already a total lifesaver.

Maybe get ValhallaDSP to code something interesting? Working with third party devs has already led to some interesting things on the Op I think…

A new synth engine ,like sampler but its voice is audio in/Mic…maybe with a gate for triggering open with envelope.
Then element lfo everywhere with the G.

A new synth engine ,like sampler but its voice is audio in/Mic...maybe with a gate for triggering open with envelope. Then element lfo everywhere with the G.

Cracking idea! That would absolutely rock and it totally needs to happen!!!

Is there any way to officially shoot in a feature-request? This should totally be doable and is so in line with the TE spirit :slight_smile: