OP-1 How to immediately stop a sound

Noob question: Is there a way on the OP-1 to immediately kill a sound (like a synth sound with long delay for example). Similar to the OP-Z “panic” function that simply kills all sound.


switch to drum mode and back (or synth mode and back if you’re in drum mode)

Global effects, I think disabling and reenabling clears them? (e.g. a long reverb)
Maybe hitting stop multiple times? (that might be some other device I’m thinking of though)

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the power switch will kill all sound.

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You mean turning the device off/on? Surely there is an easier function than that.

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Turn the volumeknob to zero / ccw

I am joking around but am also serious. There several ways to kill a sound, but it really depends on what’s causing it. Sometimes it’s a master effect so the switching between synth and drum won’t work for that. Sometimes it’s mic, radio, or line in noise. Sometimes it’s a synth or drum, or effect on the instrument. Sometimes it could be a sequencer on hold.

Press shift + mixerr to see the sound path. It will show you what is making sound and how the sound is routed. https://teenage.engineering/guides/op-1/mixer section 9.2

But the only ways I know how to kill all sound instantly without knowing what’s causing it is to turn the volume all the way down, or turn it off. Because it boots quickly, and saves the exact state it is in the shutdown works well. When you boot it up the input is disabled, and there is no sequencer running, there is no sound being sent to any fx bus. That won’t help you if you are live.

If you need to keep playing the tape I think the best method is to switch to tape and turn the red encoder all the way down so no sound is from the instrument is being sent. Then switch to the master fx and turn it off.