OP-1 How to learn keys...?

Hey guys, I’m new to the OP-1 and a keyboard in general.

I’ve got to grips with the basics of the OP1 now and can find my way around the unit.

I have no keyboard skills and am not really interested in full learner how to play. Are there any tips or tutorials that would be helpful in learning basic and useful chords?

Many thanks, Devs :wink:

Without learning all about music theory, spending some time to learn is a good thing. There are tons of well done tutorials on YT nowadays.
The alternative is playing with your ear, until it sounds good. Chances you’ll just rediscover music theory basis by yourself, then.

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I guess i mirror what is said above, I’m new to it all too, be it a few months in, and at first, trying to finger any chords was slow and not intuitive at all.

Now, whilst i may not know the chords, i have a better idea what sounds good, what flows and more importantly have learned the dexterity needed to reach the keys in good time.

That only happened just by messing around on the various synths ive had over the past 6 months.

I think there will come a time where learning the chords correctly would be good, but i think it can be overwhelming at first if you dont have the dexterity to do them quick enough. Practices will get you there mostly, learning will take you past the line.

Good luck

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there’s always the…kordbot

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hi guys and many thanks for the replies and suggestions. I’m really amazed at how much I have learnt in such a short space of time. Amazing what can be done what your truly interested in something :slight_smile:

Are there any particular lessons/channels on YT that people have found useful? Trust I should be searching chord creation?


Or for composition. Btw. Did you know that holding the info button (the one above the tape button) tells you the note value of the pressed key?

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Oooo no I didn’t know, that (but do now!) very helpful and thanks for pointing out. Appreciated.

Also can I ask guys.

Say I’m working (messing) with a particular synth or drum and tweak it like crazy is there a quick way to return it to its original state? I know the device can be factory reset but in doing that I loose anything that I have created on tape.

Cheers :wink:

The changes are saved to the other sounds with a long press on the preset Numbers. And You can always reload a saved sound into a number Slot.

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Ah I didn’t realise that they could be saved. So when they are saved they create snapshots at what stage would you clear the snapshots out and how is that done? Cheers :+1:

I really think you should try reading the effing manual. It’s on TE site. You’ll find most answers to your questions, and maybe even more.

Come back asking anything afterwards, but please take the time to do your homework.

ha, never been one for manuals tbh. Thanks for the effing input though! :slight_smile: