OP-1 in a band? (when you're mainly play another instrument)

I’m startin’ a musical project with some other guys. I play guitar, there’s a drummer and a singer. Maybe a bass player should join the group after Christmas. I’d like to use the Op-1 a lot in that band, but I’ve got to understand what is the best way to use it. Consider that I’m not at all a keyboard player, so I must work with loops or pre-recorded tracks. The problem with loops is that I have to stop play guitar in order to doin’ the shift+arrow thing to jump between loops. The problem with recorded tracks is the limited memory of the Op-1, usin’ this second method I can have max 4 tracks ready to play, probably not enough for a live set.
Does anyone uses the Op-1 in a “pop band” contest?
What’s your workflow if you’re mainly play another instrument?
I hope I’ve explained myself well :slight_smile:

I use my op1 in a band/jamming. I am a guitar player. I rarely use loops on my op1 for live play nor do we play pop; so this may not be of any use to you. BUT- I use the synths for solos, melody, bass, percussion as they are very unique and cut right through a mix(because of the 8 presets i can cover alot of ground for any song/style.) My guitars effect path usually runs into the op1 (nitro has some crazy tails to its envelope follower which i really enjoy.) sometimes ill use tape to build up a song. usually ill just play whats on tape at a low volume during an intermission(usually a nice change of pace from what we were playing as the Op1 takes my ears to some crazy places!~.)

when i am practicing I tend to jam on my op1(loop) then switch to guitar (loop into looper pedal using timing) and back and forth building up my soundscape. ghost jumping/lifting dropping tracks and filling up my tape. This can be a fluid method and you only stop playing guitar for short periods of time. I really wish the op1 could accept more external midi control then i could skip the guitar pedal looper and just use the op1. (tape controls are not accessible from midi)

Great post @masterofstuff124. I’m also starting a music project with a friend of mine, and thinking of ways to incorporate guitar & the OP-1, this was very helpful!

I also mainly play guitar in a band. But lately I’ve been playing the OP-1 instead. I think it works fine, specially when you hook it up to a mini keyboard. I’m not using any loops and sequencing because it’s hard for the drummer to keep up the precise timing that this requiers

tombola is a really fun sequencer to use when jamming with others!