OP-1 in limited quantities? Is it hw rev3?

I just got this email about 24 hours ago, did anybody else get anything similar?

Could it be hardware revision 3? is production back on or are they putting OP-1’s together from scraps?

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Or could they be looking for guinea pigs for rev. 3?

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…haha…or reselling some returned defective units

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What!?!? I didn’t get one :frowning:
This has ruined my day…

But idk if it’s V3 or not. Seems a little too fast for them to have that out.

I’m curious what they charge

mostly to tame the unnormal high price range

Send me the link if your not going to use it :wink:

The one I ordered through the email just arrived, and it says REV 2.0 on the box.

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Speedy delivery! And alright! I wonder when 3 will be out :thinking:

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What’s the difference between REV 1 & REV 2?

So far what I’ve noticed are these (REV2.0 vs REV1.0):

  • the screen is much sharper but less bright, and the colors are a bit more purple-ish,
  • it has slightly more rounded edges,
  • the knobs feel tighter,
  • the power/VU LEDs are a bit deeper inside the case, or they are less bright,
  • there’s a peace sign on the bottom next to the fcc/ce/‘don’t throw in the trash’ icons,
  • the serial number is not only on the box, but also on the quickstart guide.

everything else works exactly the same as on the REV1.0.



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Nah it’s the same version as 2018. I ordered (and sent back) an unit bought last year and it was sporting the rev 2 mark and the peace sign. So this is clearly not the upgraded design TE was planning to release.
Anyway, enjoy the opeeeee !!! :wink: