OP-1 internals

I found the OP-1 pictures that I downloaded from the dismantling thread (I don’t recall the name of the original poster). Also, these are TE instruction on how to remove and reattach the keys:

Remove the keys by lifting upwards from the left side. Remove the white plastic scissor from the key cap.* Attach the scissor to the keyboard surface. Slide the metal hinge into the hooks on the keyboard surface. Press down to snap fit key cap in place.

The original post instructions to dismantle the OP-1 were:

Pop up the 12 keys that hides the 12 screws (some will need the key articulations to be removed too to access the screws). Then pull the keyboard assy to unlock it, and rotate it up to unplug it.

Wow… not much electronics… I finally can bash some heads in with my OP-1 without worrying about damaging the little s.o.b.

Those names on the PCB…yeah that is where all my money went to :stuck_out_tongue:
Seeing the PCB I now am not that suprprised with the run time on a single charge.

Cool pix tnx

It looks awesome inside our babies! Hmm but how come we can see the machine bit marks all over the aluminum. I feel like they would’ve sanded and polished it a bit haha

And yeah, is the PCB board accurate geographically to that of Manhattan? Doesn’t look like it, but damn that really tells me how much fun and creativity TE had with the OP-1s design direction.

McDonalds!? Bahah TE please let me intern for you.