Op-1, Ipad and CCK Setup Question?

I am newbie and would need some help with my setup. I checked a lot of forums, but I don’t see to find anything specific to my scenario here.

1. I have a OP-1 and before I buy a IPad Pro (planning to get this for Samplr, Gadget and other apps), I wanted to check if the IPad and Op-1 can both receive and send Midi and Audio between them through a Camera Connection kit (CCK)?

2. I tried setting the Op-1 with iPhone (Korg Gadget) via CCK and I was able to setup my Op-1 as the Host and the IPad Korg Gadget as the Slave, but it was just transmitting the Midi data from Op-1 to IPhone. In the sense, if I trigger a sequencer Op-1, the output synth audio of the Sequence was of the IPad Korg Gadget.

Below is what I am aiming. What kind of interfaces should I get? I just have the CCK

Scenario 1:

Output audio from Op-1 as input to IPad - Probably to one channel of the Samplr or one of the apps

Output of IPad to Speaker

Scenario 2:

Midi Sync Op-1 and IPad but route Output audio from IPad and output audio from Op-1 to Speaker as 2 different channels

Scenario 3:

I would like key in sequence in the Ipad (midi) and the output will be from the synth engine of the Op-1

3. Anyone here with Op-1 and Samplr setup, I would like to know the complete setup including

What USB host bridges the midi?

How do you route the audio from IPad and Op-1 to speakers

There’s this amazing guy “Space Travel Made Easy” in YouTube with Op-1 and Samplr, but I can’t figure from the video what’s the Setup.

Thanks for your time.

I use ipad along with OP-1.

- It is definitely possible to send MIDI from OP-1 to iPad and from ipad to OP-1 via CCK and vise versa. Check MIDI OUT settings and MIDI channel of sequencer you are using (Korg Gadget?), and MIDI channel set up in OP-1 (shift+COM, shift+blue encoder). There is no need to special host app for MIDI on ipad, CoreMIDI do it all. MIDI Sync will also work, but OP-1 can only sync it’s tape.

- To route audio you can connect OP-1 to splitter cable and then to ipad minijack connector, but i don’t like this solution and ipad has only mono line input. So better way is to route audio from OP-1 to ipad via external audio interface. I use cheap Behringer UCA202 (same as UCA222) interface, it works good. In ipad Audiobus app you choose if you want to use interface input channels as stereo inputs or you can route them to apps separately as 2 mono channels (or more, if your interface have it). So for example you can hard 2 tape tracks on OP-1, and make 2 separate FX chains on ipad for them, or connect OP-1 as monosynth and connect something else to second mono input (Volca? ;-)). To mix OP-1 and ipad apps signals you can use mixer apps like Mimix or AUM? or route it to IOS DAW (Cubasis, Auria, etc.).

Since audio interface use USB port, if you want to route MIDI and audio at same time you will need USB hub.

If you want to route ipad audio and OP-1 audio separately, you propably need some kind of hardware mixer.