Op-1 & Ipad

Looking for help on midi set-up for Koala on Ipad > Op-1F. I’m getting audio between both using the USB-C to Lighting Cable, but trying to get the Op-1F sequencer to start when I start the sequence in Koala. Halp! Thanks :slight_smile:

Check the manual all the midi sync options are well explained.

That never occurred to me, thank you so much!!!

That’s what I thought. This question is asked many times. But the answer is always in the manual. Like it should.

the sequencers don’t start with midi start stop messages tho
only the tape does

some of the sequencers u can trigger start with a midi note

It actually doesn’t answer the question. It took removing and reinserting the cable multiple times, and using midi learn in the Ipad app (Koala), to get the transport controls to work. It is working now. Thanks (?) for your input.