OP-1 is back @ TE Online Shop aka. Valentines Day Surprise


And incense sticks.
That’s where they ‘re at, at TE.


I wonder what hardware updates were made


i don’t have much money, but i think 1300/1400 is a decent price for the OP-1 if they fixed issues concerning USB, battery/screen replacements and parts availability. if so, i could pay that price with a 5 years warranty extension for sure… :v:


If they added:

  1. Longer Sampling time
  2. Longer step sequencing
  3. an iOS app for backing up tape / albums / saved instruments and sequences
  4. A slot for an SD card

…then I’d absolutely consider it.


"no one should pay this price for an OP-1.
so hang in there.

last week a rumor circulated that the OP-1 was dead. no one was more surprised than us.

however, we’ve been working hard on updating the hardware platform in order to keep the product alive for many years to come. this is causing a brief stop in the production, but we will be up and running at full speed shortly.
OP-1 4-ever"

-teenage engineering


À friend of me suggest that for this price on Valentin’s day you Will recieve 2 OP1…

… grrrrrr


I guess for this price you could get two OP-Z :smile: :unamused:


Looks like they switched the sequencer and synth buttons… If it aint broke…


That’s got to be a mistake. Makes no sense.


Nah, that’s “limited edition”!!!


Well that’s a disappointment


TE probably know it won’t go unnoticed, it’s still publicity for them.
Good luck to whoever agrees with that price (and this move). I hate such inflating of hype.


I paid a lot less when I bought mine new a number of years ago. However, I didn’t know at the time what good value for money it really was. One of those surprising “It’s expensive, is it worth it” when you order and a “wow, you can do that with it too” when it arrives.

I, too think a price hike like that could have had something extra though! Perhaps there are fresh petals in every box.

(Note the Synth, sequencer key is correct once you click past the “petals” image).


Wow really glad I didn’t try and flip my OP-1! Paid 800$ CDN literally the first day they were ever available. No way I’d ever be able to afford one now a days. Shame they couldnt make the price more reasonable.


that’s very cynical , 1299$ is crazy, TE is doing some Apple-like Shark Economy shit…sry for my wording but i feel like that. Repair parts seems expensive…now this shit.


Can’t think of a reason except maximizing profit, which, to be sure, is a perfectly ok for a company, but after the previous statement where the decried the price gouging this seems like the height of hypocrisy. TE again proved that they really suck at PR…

I thought that the 800 euros I paid six years ago was a good price for it, but wouldn’t pay 1400 euros now.


Recently bought mine a few weeks ago for £900 with accessories and was a bit gutted when I got the email from TE…then I saw the price.


Just saw this post


I’m in the same boat. Honestly, if the thing just functioned flawlessly as-is I’d probably pay the steep price for another one. However, the OP-1 is such a finicky beast. Random bugs, very little support. Line recording with it can be such a pain in the ass.

It’s the definition of a love/hate relationship. It’s my favorite instrument but I can’t believe they raised the price so much with no improvements.


They had component sourcing issues, so I suspect their choices were 1. discontinue or 2. increase the price to pay for retooling/reconfiguring to change the screen and related components. Hardware is hard.