OP-1 is back @ TE Online Shop aka. Valentines Day Surprise


Interesting Message by TE. Maybe the OP-1 is back?


Just saw this! I bet they’re about to announce re-stock and new firmware.


I saw it and hopped onto the forums to see if anyone had posted about it yet haha!


My banks going to suffer if they drop these…


Yessss! I think I see a little bit of the OP-1 white finish under the pedals.


It’s back in store. Now $1299 / £1199 / €1399.

edit: UK price corrected.


That sure is a ridiculous price.


that is twice the money i paid for my op-1. any news about hardware enhancements?


Specs from the website. Looks like nothing changed.


Shame on them.
Like they said, « no one should pay this price for an op-1 ».


I payed 780€ in 2016 for a new one.
Now it’s 1399!


I wonder if there will be any new OS updates. Would have been nice to see some minor hardware changes.


Was screen oled before and AMOLED now?


Even if it were a new display… no one should pay 50% more because of a 320x160 display that might have been updated after years. OS-updates can’t be an excuse either, because they would be available to all users.
And why do WE have to specualte? If they want more money, they should tell us about improvements themselves OR they should just say “we know we can rip you off, because you will buy our supercool products anyway”.
Instead I guess, they will be as non-transparent as always and the homepage will say “sold out” in few hours/days. As always.


Sketchy TE… Very sketchy. Maybe this will bring out some big updates though.


C’mon! It will be shipped embedded in a pile of red rose petals!


So you could buy a Akai force or an OP-1


Those exchange rates don’t seem to mesh. Wouldn’t there be an advantage to paying USD for that?


£1200 !! Total horse shit!
I shelled out £800 when it was first released I thought that was expensive.

I suppose I had better grab the op-z before they jack the price up :joy::joy: