Op-1 is not starting up

I have a OP-1 brand new, just 1 year using here in São Paulo, Brazil.
So far so good. Awesome instrument!

I have a setup with Ableton Live, Korg Volcas, Controllers anda the Op-1.
Everything controlled by mid in/out. Ableton is the Mid Out and everything else as Midi In.

This week i’ve got this problem on OP-1 and it’s stopped starting :frowning:
Unfortunatelly i have to use WINDOWS 10, Apple here in Brazil is to expensive :frowning:

Can you help me? I love it so much! It’s so much fun!


Have you tried to reload the firmware? I use Windows 10 and have no issues with it showing up in Windows Explorer.

No, @ghostly606. I am afraid to lose all my presets i didn’t save on the desktop :frowning:

If it doesn’t start up then you are in no position to use your presets sadly. :frowning:

Yeah! They TE answered me and i’ll lose what i haven’t saved :frowning: Fortunatelly is not to bad because i recorded them inside Ableton :smiley:

Thanks @ghostly606 !!!