OP-1 is screwing up midi transport control

I recently added my OP-1 into the midi chain for the rig I’ve been using lately and everything is working pretty well except for one thing… when I hit STOP on my master device (OP-Z), sometimes the OP-1 doesn’t respond properly and everything after it in the MIDI chain keeps playing as if a stop message was never received. So usually I ended up having to jam on the stop button repeatedly until it works. During my composing process, I’m frequently starting and stopping the sequencers so this is getting frustrating quickly.

To get MIDI IN/OUT for the OP-1, I use this little device.

My chain goes OP-Z → OP-1 → Roland TR-8S → Intellijel 7U case 1 (uMidi 1U) → Intellijel 7U case 2 (Midi 1U).

I’m not really planning to use the OP-1 tape at all and I noticed that it plays when a start signal is received so I set the loop points to an empty section of the tape. Maybe the tape is causing this somehow?

Has anyone experienced this? Any solutions? Thanks for the help!

one way would prolly be to get a thru type box
(like the quadra thru)
so that u can connect the devices in parallel

daisy chaining all your MIDI is just asking for trouble imho

just curious
when this problem happens & u hit stop,
does the OP1 tape NOT stop and neither do all the other devices?
or does the OP1 tape stop but just doesn’t pass the message down the chain?

a few other options maybe
put the op1 further down the chain like maybe at the end
or set the op1 as the first device and use it as the master

it doesn’t stop the tape…

its mystery to me what causes a stop to succeed… it stops after anywhere between 1 and 5 or so stop pushes.

anyways… i think you’re right. probably would solve it to just put it at the end of the midi chain.

how do u know its the OP1 that is the issue then?
maybe its the Z not sending the midi stop message properly?

because everything was working fine before i put it into the chain.