Op-1 issues with getting tracks to my computer

Hy everybody,

this is my first post here. I got an op-1 recently and it is a wounderful pice of gear. i really enjoy noodeling around with it.

But i got some issues, when trying to get my tracks into my macbook.

The connection works fine, and the internal sorrage of the op1 is shown at my desktop, but the four tracks, that i find in the “tape” folder just aren’t the ones, that i just made with the op1. they are some older things, i made a couple of days ago.
Did anybody had a similar problem?
I disconected and conected it again, and turned it of and on again, maybe 10 times… i have no clou how to solve this.

i would be really thankfull, if anybody could help me.


Your four tracks show as 6min strips of audio. Maybe your second track is further up the time line. Have you listened all the way through to find your 2nd track?

maybe try deleting all four tracks on the op.
if that doesn’t work, then…
try deleting the four tracks using drag and drop to your computer. empty the computer’s trash.
if that doesn’t work, then…
do a reset of the op.