OP-1 keeps shutting down

My OP-1 has been intermittently powering off, often times immediately upon powering on. Sometimes it also has a lack of response from the power slider, like I’ll have to go back and forth once or twice and then it responds.

This has been going on for a good few months, and it definitely seems to have gotten worse over the last few weeks. Like now sometimes it just won’t turn on at all :(.
There seems to be no difference whether it’s plugged in or not.

I’m pretty anxious about using it on gigs, and overall it’s definitely a drag. Haven’t found this same problem, and I can’t seem to find an actual way to contact Teenage Engineering directly about it, just the knowledge base and a link to ifixit.com.

I’m happy to attempt to DIY it, but I feel like I at least need help diagnosing what the issue is exactly.

I truly love this keyboard, and just want it healthy again. If anyone could help it’d be SUPER appreciated!!


try cleaning the power switch with some electronics spray
and work it back and forth a bit.

u can pop open the panel on the bottom to get directly at the switch

it seems a common issue and one that has plagued my OP1 from the day i bought it new. i’ve seen multiple explanations and suggestions – from need to replace connector board, need to reset ribbon cable, resolder the on/off switch…

I’ve tried fault finding with a multimeter without much luck. It sort of looks like the board is too big for the space and is putting pressure on the mounting pins for the on/off switch and so causing the solder joints to fail. But I’ve probed and soldered the little bastards without any luck so who knows.

i found myself holding a can of electronic cleaner today…and decided to follow doc’s advice and give a OP1 a spray. seems to work. the unit stays on when i touch the side of the OP1 and even when I touch the switch. so that’s a vast improvement.
here’s hoping it’s a lasting fix.
let me know how you go, just in case this isn’t the end to this perplexing and frustrating mystery.

I will give that a go, thank you!!