Op 1 Keys shorting out/not working

Hi Guys,

New to the forum and of course I have a problem.
I cleaned my op1 yesterday with alcohol and left it for two hours before I turned it on. Anyway long story short, some keys are now not working, or causing other keys to respond or are stuck. I’ve took off keys and opened her up and am cleaning with ISO, using an air duster and hoover and having limited success: I got the play button to work again I think! Anyone else have this problem. I figure dirt and crud has got inside the matrix from me trying to externally clean it and now its blocking it or shorting it but I’m not sure I can get at the back of the matrix.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys

I recently had to replace my keyboard module. First it would intermittently trigger the first two white keys at the same time, then after a while the second key died completely. It is simple enough to do just contact teenage engineering.

I did that smashed and got it replaced there, easy enough fix, they seem to be a bit fragile in regards to dirt and moisture but easy to replace.