OP-1 LED-Battery Indicator

Hey Operators,

I finally gotten my OP-1 a few weeks ago and started producing right away.

Now, I charged it for the first time and when I turn it on, it shows 3/5 lights when I ask for the battery status.

Is that supposed to be the maximum?

If not, does somebody know a fix for that?

I already updated the firmware today (225) and it is still the same.

Thanks a lot!


I bought it new. The original firmware, with which this occured first was 220 if I recall correctly. Maybe the calibration is off, if so, is there a way to recalibrate the battery?

Hi Alex, welcome to the forums. This is a fairly standard issue and is the LED display rather than a flawed battery. To recalibrate let it drain fully and then leave plugged in for a full charge cycle.

Remember it is normal a complete charge takes at least 12 hours. Possibly a couple of hours more.