OP-1 Linux compatibility

Sold my OP-1 a year ago and thinking of getting another one. My Mac has gone and now I roll with with Linux. Anyone use Linux with their OP? I’m thinking about firmware upgrades and copying any albums from .wav etc. Either of these would be deal breakers I think.


Haven’t used my OP-1 with Linux yet, but since it mounts to the computer as a regular Mass Storage Device (like a USB memory stick) I wouldn’t expect any issues.

Yeah, works fine, never used it with anything else! =)

Excellent -thanks. Now to find a perfect 2nd hand one. Just like the one I sold last year!

Yeah, roll with Ubuntu 14.04, works flawlessly.

Also works with a Chromebook.

Yup. Fine on my raspberry pi.

Sweet. Thanks for the replies.

I’m back in the game ! My op should arrive on Monday . I’ll try and stick around a bit longer this time… Make sure I don’t sell it.

I use linux and it works fine. To use the op-1 drum utility you need a vst host. I can’t seem to find a VST Host/loader that works for me. I am sure if you are running wine with your daw of choice it should work fine but I only use audacity. So let me know if you find a freebie that can run the drum utility :slight_smile:

Hi @throrange, if you’re feeling brave, I wrote a command line tool that allows you to put drum kits together (without the need of a VST).

Details are here: https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/967/little-raspberry-pi-project#latest (@vehka tested it on linux)

Thanks yoof. That is very kind of you . I’ll take a peek and see what I can learn and try.