OP-1 Loopy Pro Performance (BOC Vibe)

I made this tune using just OP-1 & Loopy Pro
Track has got some Boards Of Canada vibes to it. Some COW action too, hope you enjoy!


That’s pleasing, I assume you’ve not punished yourself by trying to sync them over USB midi?

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I haven’t tried this, no! But works out fine this way I think.

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What’s the specific issue? Are you talking about syncing the Op-1 with the IPad/App or syncing via USB in general?

Asking because I’ve recently been syncing 2 Op-1s perfectly via USB with an Mpc Live II and also with Studio One DAW.


FWIW, my OP1-iPad syncing has good basically OK.

I’ve dipped my toes into Loopy Pro. Afraid of getting lost in it, but glad to see this post!

  • Joe