OP-1 Low Volume Headphones


Heya! I got an OP-1 recently and I thought to ask here since I hardly found anything related to my “problem”. In the same time it is also a matter of perception but still I have to ask.

Everything seems amazing with the OP-1 but I feel it can’t get as loud as I want it to. I have 2 different pair of headphones - Beyerdinamic Custom One Pro 16ohm and DT990 250 ohm. Strangely the Dt990 sound louder than the Custom Ones !?!

If I plug any speaker it is amazing; it is punchy loud, anything, I can’t turn the knob more than 40%.

But if I plug in those headphones it simply feels weak.

When I use the OP-Z these headphones easily sound 2 times louder.

Before you say to check the master, I did all that. Even the tape volume red line thing, I drove the Drive in master, checked all the eq’s Basically did all the possible checks, did 2 factory resets etc. I tried my headphones to another OP-1 and still got the same results. I went to a shop to try the Senheiser HD25, still felt weak. Trying to increase the Drive above 40 only compressess super hard, and then it just becomes crunchy but not really loud, losing all dynamics.

I ordered a tiny Fiio A1 to try out and see if anything changes, waiting to arrive. But really with a 16 ohm Custom One and sounds weak as f**k? As I said when pluging in a speaker it’s RAD, great awesome.

What could be the issue?