OP-1 Massdrop (Poll)

If anyone’s interested, this Poll is trending towards the OP-1. Not a guarantee of course, but still:


Looks like you got to sign up to this site to find out what you are talking about.

Can you please explain so we don’t have to sign up to find out?
What is MassDrop?

So yes, you have to sign up, for free w/ email or FaceBook, your choice. You select categories you’re interested in, like Pro

Audio, Tech, Photography, etc. Once you’ve registered, you can adjust your email settings so if you don’t want mailings, you can opt out.

Basically Massdrop is a company that allows many people to pool their buying power to buy large shipments directly from a supplier, thus the individual cost of the item to be reduced for the intended consumers. It’s dictated by consumer demand, through voting, and kept alive by niche markets. Anyone can start a poll of 2 or more items, and if there’s enough votes for an item, Massdrop will then try to work with the vendor for a potential bulk price. And even if it’s promoted for what they call a “Drop”, just because you voted for it doesn’t lock you into actually buying. BUT the more people that do buy it will continue to drive the price down.

Like I said, voting on an item isn’t a guarantee, but if there’s the possibility of getting the OP-1 for a price lower than full retail, personally, I’m game.

The OP-1 been on Massdrop previously, see link below on discussion on this forum:

hmmm i wonder what number i would immediately buy one at? 600? 400?

damn you TE i dont want another OP1 i NEED ONE.

but really i need an octatrack.
Sorry needed to vent some gear lust.

Mass drop is like a discount site from what I remember. So if they settle on op-1 then somehow mass drop will sell a discount price. I think this has happened before

Yea, I kinda doubt it’d get down to 400. But if you look at the old post on this forum, I think it got down to ~ $699. So $150 off retail is not bad.