OP-1 + Max MSP Whackery

Obviously, I’m pretty new with Max and almost solely focused on video creation with it. But, with the OP-1 and Max in hand, I just never know what is going to happen. So many - strange - possibilities that I just would never come up with any other way.

Here’s one that I worked on last night :slight_smile:



Aw man this is awesome. I’ve been meaning to learn max for video too, could you point me to any useful beginner resources? Having trouble taking those first steps.

Sure, I mean you definitely don’t need to learn Max to use it. You can always download other people’s patches (who were nice enough to share) and see how they work or grab pieces and put them in your own patch. One such patch that I’ve used a lot is the Synzosizer patch which has some cool features in it that I’d probably never be able to figure out with the Cycling 74 tutorial or how to manipulate video files.