OP-1 MIDI CV and Gate to 0-Coast

I’m thinking about getting a 0-Coast to sample from and wanted to know what I need to send the cv/gate signals to it from the op-1. Do I need a midi host like the Kenton for that or just adapters from the usb to 3.5mm ins?

Probably the cheapest way would be to get a USB-MIDI to DIN-MIDI host. I’m not aware of any USB-MIDI to CV converters, though they may exist as modules? Not sure if they’d be any cheaper though.

op1 needs a usb host to send midi

0-coast takes midi in so it doesn’t have to be cv/gate
if you need midi to cv/gate, then add a cv.ocd or something similar

CV could be better, as depending on the converter, you may get more than just the pitch and mod wheel to CV that the 0-coast’s converter does.