OP-1 MIDI Name and glitches


I have a new OP-1 and it has no MIDI name.
My old one was called OP-1 MIDI Device and the new one is called USB MIDI Device.
The guy from TE support wrote: "I’ve asked around and we don’t know why the name is different."

Is there anyone out there with an OP-1 with no name? Has anyone an idea why this might be?

Secondly I was wondering if you are experiencing glitches while switching through presets as well?


r u on OSX or PC?

if on OSX might have something to do with your midi setup in the OS under “Audio Midi Setup” in your applications/utilities folder.

i would try to remove this ‘usb-audio-device’, and your ‘op1 midi device’ from your midi device list and then replug in your op1 and see if it recognizes as op1 midi device again.

Thanks! In fact I just opened the Audio Midi Setup and the name changed instantly to OP-1!