OP-1 Midi out?


I’m looking for the simplest and cheapest possible way to get midi out from my OP to feed my eurorack modules.

Could this one do the trick?


No. You need a MIDI USB Host. Here’s the thread you’re looking for…



Definitely look through that other thread. Also, keep in mind that cheapest and simplest might mean you need to compromise on cheap or simple. Cheapest you could do is $5-10, but it is not simple. Simplest you can do is a eurorack USB MIDI Host module, which definitely isn’t going to be cheap.

I have the http://mutable-instruments.net/modules/yarns and want to connect to that… ?

How about this one? http://www.hobbytronics.co.uk/usb-midi-converter

Multiple people in that thread have reported what works and doesn’t work about it. I don’t remember the details without reading back through it all. But I believe it works as needed.

But this is too simple again?


That Amazon cable will not work, since it isn’t a USB host. IMO the simplest standalone option really is the Kenton USB midi box, which you’ll see a lot in that thread.

Thanks! :slight_smile: