OP-1 MIDI Sync Question

Hi folks, I’ve been away from my OP-1 for some time but I’m ready to reacquaint myself with the old girl plus some more gear. I’m about to purchase a Behringer MS-1/MS101 and wondered what was the best way to sync it with the OP-1. (I’ve not updated to TE’s latest OS so I’m unsure as to whether there have been any improvements made in this area over the last 12 months or so…). Any advice appreciated - thanks!

I use the original (and discontinued) model of the iconnect midi to sync OP-1 with all kinds of gear. It has a USB host port, which I think is absent on the later models. Works great. It’s been a while since I settled on that solution though, so maybe there is something current that works.

Here’s one like what i use

Thanks, I’ll look into that

kenton usb midi host is another one

among others too
a usb midi host is really what u are looking for