OP-1 + MS-20 Mini jam

I got a MS-20 Mini yesterday after years of lusting for the original. Very happy with it. All the sounds were sequenced with OP1 and multitracked and then some freestyling on top of it.


@dkstr nice…you’ve got me lusting after a ms-20 now, lovely sounds

…me too…

like that wavy vibe of the MS 20 mini.

it’s cheap though…and looks nice

How have you got them linked chap? I’ve yet to attempt this, and make more sense than using the sq-1

Yeah Ive got them linked with Kenton USB Midi host. So process was to use endless sequencer to MS-20 and record it back in through Strymon El Capistan, then new line, then new line and so on. And the final tune in the video is just live noodling on top of the recorded 4 bar loop :slight_smile:

Love the MS-20 mini too ! Maybe we can make a grouped purchase ? :smiley:


Ta DStar jx that was the inspiring and informative kick I needed amigo!

This is cool, your MS-20 sounds amazing.

I love Korg synths. The vintage stuff, the modern stuff, the tiny ones, they’re all great.

I actually have one I’m looking to sell if anyone lives in the U.K.

@hrrsn how much?