OP-1 No Sound out of speaker


I have the original OP-1. The speaker has been dead for years but the audiojack works fine.
I recently replaced the speaker with a genuine OP-1 speaker my friend shipped me from the Teenage Engineering store in Sweden (he lives there!).

However, the speaker is still not producing any sound. Does anyone know what the issue could be?
Thanks so much for any help.

Could it actually be the headphone jack that was faulty and not the speaker? The speaker connection is interrupted when you plug something in to the headphone jack (or do I remember wrong?) so it could be something broken in that jack.

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The headphone jack works fine though. I don’t think that’s the issue unfortunately, unless there’s something I’m missing.

its possible the part of the jack that connects the audio could be working fine
but the switching mechanism of the jack (that controls the speaker) might not be
which could be why its not switching over to the speaker when it is unplugged…

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Do you know if that’s something I can fix myself? Have you or anyone on the forum fixed this before?

easiest but most expensive way would be to replace the entire connector board
ifixit sells them for the OG

if u have access to a multimeter or even like a lil wire
u can test to find out if this is even the case before u do anything
u can also try reflowing the joints if u have access and confidence in a soldering iron
without digging in further and see if that resolves

otherwise test that the continuity of the switching pins is working (or not working)
w/ the multimeter when u plug & unplug a cable

or use the wire to momentarily bridge the switched connections
with the jack un*plugged to see if u get speaker again

then u know if its actually the jack or not

thanks so much!