OP 1 No Sound

Hi, OP1 was working fine a few days ago but today I turn it on and there is no sound coming from it. I can see everything moving in the screen but no sound and no light on the left hand side of the device to indicate sound. Has this happened to anyone else. Its very frustrating. Gonna leave it to charge tonight and see if its ok in the morning.

Any help is appreciated.


This is what I would do- go to tape mode and then turn the orange knob until the little dot on the right side of the screen moves all the way up. My kids were playing with my OP-1 and turned random knobs, and they turned the gain all the way down in tape mode, and I about freaked out until I realized what happened.

If the gain in tape mode is turned down, no sound and no lights, and this sounds like your problem.

Another step would be to make sure that everything is turned up in the mixer/equalizer section.

Hopefully this helps! Good luck!

Thanks but I have that red dot all the way up and when i press a key I can see that red light flashing in tape mode. Also with the metronome, i have the volume all the way up but when i press play i hear no metronome.

In the mixer section everything is 99 and nothing is muted from what i can tell.

haha ok suddenly sound came back on. I wonder is it to do with low battery? Thanks again

Ok, how about going to mixer mode, and then pushing button 4 under the screen. Then push the shift button and turn the blue knob until the sliders for L and R go all the way up to 99.

Also, you can hit shift and the mixer button, and it’ll show you the sound path, perhaps it might give you an idea if a filter or something is cutting off your sound.

I hope there’s a simple fix!

Came back all of a sudden, not sure how though, Tks for all your help. I think it could be the battery was low. Not sure. :slight_smile: