OP-1 Noise Fix

Others have reported about this before, but I wanted to add a current link to it since this issue is one that many new OP-1 owners face. This SNI-1 noise Gound Loop Attenuator is perfect, it gets rid of the noise and doesn’t have a sonic footprint. I was VERY pleased after getting this, it makes the OP-1 virtually silent. Here is the link to Amazon:


This takes care of the one really, really frustrating thing about the OP-1 for me. Now I can use it in professional ways, not just as a stand-alone unit.

Thanks for the link @Billjv !

From your experience, does this device also attenuate the noise coming from the use of the internal FX’s of the OP-1? Does it also compensate the noise added when you use DRIVE on the master? Can you now definitely plug the midi usb cable with charging enabled and hear no difference in the output?

Using it ‘in professional ways’ is just what I need - I’d like to finally rely on the audio output and get clean takes :slight_smile:

I can’t speak to all of those questions yet, but My jaw dropped at how overall quiet it became after using this. I think the FX noise you speak of may be internal to the unit and probably would not change one way or the other. But to answer your very last question, yes… My usb Charging cable stays plugged in and there is no more device noise.

Thx for the feedback, looks good, appreciated :slight_smile:

I can add my voice to this. Been using one of these for a long time now after it was recommended by Shamaniaq on the old forum. As Billjv said it won’t affect anything internally but if you’re experiencing noise on the output of the OP-1 then this will sort it out really well.

I just made some tests, and if I use a generic cable, the noise is giving 60dB SPL when my small JBL Duet (12W) are at its maximum volume.

If I use my Ortofon 6NXMPR30 cable the noise is reduced by 15dB
After changing the OPT mode so the USB charging is disabled, the noise is almost completely gone.

I also wonder if by doing this mod the noise might be further reduced: http://forum.moogmusic.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=15694&hilit=usb+noise+minitaur

Does anyone know if its safe to try?

Small update:

When I turn off the OPT mode to disble charging in my Windows 7 computer, the noise goes away for some seconds then it comes back :frowning: