Op-1 Noob Questions

Hey all, (beginner here)
Have been doing research on the Op-1 and thinking about buying, was hoping I could get a few specific questions answered from the brand community prior to. Would greatly appreciate the help.

Note: I have Googled these questions hoping to get the in depth answers I seek, mistake.

1.) I currently have a Bluetooth compatible receiver with 6x speakers hard wired. Is a simple Bluetooth transmitter to the op-1’s ‘line in’ all that’s needed to link the two?

2.) Interested in the recorder feature of the op-1. When purchased new, does it come with a built in mic or external? What is the quality of the mic and does it make sense to purchase an
external off brand mic?
-Can recording include direct connection? Example: an electric guitar line in

3.) I have a semi-decent computer I will be linking it too, does the op-1 require specific software for operation? Does it come with it?

  • Require periodic updates via the software?
  • Save music to your computer via software or simple ‘drag n drop’ file transfer?

4.) General advice prior to purchasing via shortcomings or benefits of the op-1?
-Suggestions for additional products to purchase that enhance the op-1 experience? Just general suggestions that stick out, don’t plan on purchasing thousands of dollars on dj equipment.

Thanks team, really appreciate the help and look forward to becoming a contributing member here.


  1. yes you can plug that in for Sampling your Bluetooth periphals.

  2. It has a build in mic, mostly for lofi usage but it works quiet well, you should consider another dynamic hand mic if you wanna mic things up. I have done some direct Line In sampling with an electric guitar and it needs a bit of boosting, but the OP-1 will do fine with its own gain boost.

  3. all in all it’s Just Drag and drop like a thumb drive and the only Software you should consider is the OP-1 drum utility, it’s free!

  4. OG Decksaver and FAT Chroma knobs from DJ tech tools in matching colors.

Don‘t feel underwhelmed when you first try the OP-1! there are some quirks and circumstances that will def. make your purchase re-thinkable but if you stick to that you‘ll be happy for years to come!

take care

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  1. Got to say I’m very happy with the original OP-1 case. It makes it easy to bring along. The radio antenna is nice (although you could use a cable). Then there’s all that Lego…

Thanks John, much appreciated. This was very helpful.

I’m sure there’s a learning curve with anything else so I will be patient with it.

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