op-1 notator

Made this little 64 step notator for making beats on the endless sequencer. My memory is crap, so it kinda helps me from having to remember all the numbers for certain spots. It's web app capable, so you can save it to the home screen on mobile devices (only tested on ios).


Really nice! Thanks for sharing.

Anyone know how this works? I found the JS files on Github but literally have no idea what to do with them.

I just updated it to explain it a bit and there is now a live version. It’s probably not really useful for most people but it helped me make specific patterns on the endless sequencer at the time.

Thank you!

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Nice one, thanks a lot. I’m new to the OP-1 and currently find Endless tricky to program. I’m planning to use Pattern more whilst trying to be more mindful of where I’m actually tapping out notes.

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