OP-1 on the way questions!

I have an OP-1 on the way and I’m wondering which Apps to get on my Ipad Air 2 to go along with the baby. Also is the op-1 a better machine when accompanied by another piece of gear for example an MPC, or a mixer if so which one? Also any cons or bad experiences while using the op-1 with Logic Pro x or live? Thanks a lot in advance! Greetings from Miam,Fl

Actually it’s great to use it standalone, check the battles!

OP-1 was designed to work all on its own, but apps that make sound or mangle sound are a great source of sample material for the OP-1’s samplers.

Samplr and Mitosynth are fun for running into OP-1

Samplr is a good compliment.

Depends how you want to run the op-1, I usually use it notes for synths and loops or effects and use something external for drums.
iMpc app or other drum app would be a good match.

Get something to midi sync the iPad and op and you’ll be laughing.

Thanks guys for all the useful information sorry for the dumb question but how can i connect my iPad air along with my op-1? I’m gonna have the OP-1 connected to my focus rite 2i2 with my monitors.

The easiest way would just be iPad headphone output to the audio input(red jack) on the OP-1

Gregorioz10 Some videos here that might help www.go-p1.net, also maybe the iPad Cookbook


Thank you all! you’ve all been beyond helpful and friendly!