Op-1 + op-z? - good pairing?

Hey guys, considering buying the OP-Z. i have an op-1 and have been just loving it so much. However i do miss the robust sequencing of a DAW. ive heard the OP-Z is great for sequencing and live performances.

im curious any of you own both? and if so how do you use them together?. i love sampling and creating my own sounds and beats on the OP-1. but playing them out isnt always super smooth, im hoping the op-Z could cover that. however not sure how smooth they can work together… or if i have to manually create snapshots and offload them on pc to upload them onto an op-z?. seems clunky.

recommend getting it? or is it redundant if i have an OP-1?.


You can do allot. They are pretty different. The op-1 is all about recording audio to the tape and using tape loops for constant audio playback, while the op-z is all about programing a sequencer and relying on the sequencer for constant audio playback. I bet the integration between the two will continue to get tighter. When the op-z first came out there were definitely issues with the two. Now you can sync the tape start/stop with the op-z sequencer. You can sequence any one op-1 instrument at a time. This is fun, you can sequence the notes, then play with the parameters live, or with the op-1 lfo. You can run the op-z audio out into the op-1 and apply master fx to the op-z and the other way around with the right cables.