OP-1 <--> OP-Z Sync Thread (Post updates #235 & 1.1.23)


Aaaahhh ok that’s make sense!
Thank you very much!!!


So, with the latest firmware on both, I can have the OP-Z sequencer drive the OP-1, or the other way around. (It’s pretty cool with two voices with the Tombola, FWIW). I can also start the OP-Z sequencer by switching to tape and starting the tape, which gives me some interesting ideas for drones.

One thing I’m seeing I’m curious if anyone else has seen is that while receiving MIDI signals from the OP-Z, the OP-1 eventually stops taking input from the four rotary encoders. This is for anything — fx, synth parameters, even menu diving. Have other folks seen this? The only way to get the controllers to work again is to turn off the OP-1 and turn it back on again.


Bummer, that’s critical for all of it to make sense. I haven’t tried connecting the 2 devices yet, but I’m picking up a lot through this thread. GL!!


any improvements concerning sync with the new OPZ firmware?


this should help! :boom: