Op-1 + Op-Z using firmware #243

I believe I already have the answer to this, however I think a topic deserves to be made.

The OP-Z should be able to send Audio to the OP-1 leveraging the latest release.

I understand that the 1 and the Z are not ‘audio’ hosts, however, I feel as if there must be a way to accomplish this!

What a joy it would be to connect the op’s together and be able to do all things with 1 cable!


u answered your own question
without the host, the devices do not know how to communicate with each other

u could prolly connect maybe like a tablet or phone inbetween
and connect both of the devices to it w/ a hub
but not sure if these smart devices support multiple audio interfaces simulatenously.

None of the iOS devices do this. Only one audio interface at a time.