OP-1 Orginal does not connect to the computer!


My device OP1 orginal does not connect to the computer

We received this message: “USB device not recognized”

I tested it with other computers and even with a MAC PC. I tried it with older Windows version, and I tested it with different cables, and I got the same message: USB Device not recognized!

I also uninstalled the USB Driver on windows and try to connect, but the problem still needs to be solved.

I also updated Windows, but the problem still needs to be solved :frowning:

I did a factory reset on the OP-1 device, and again, I got the same USB Device not recognized message

I reset the device again; I encountered this message: “Missing contact folder. Please reinstall OS”

Because it doesn’t connect to the computer, I can’t install the firmware again!

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Gotta ask because it doesn’t say in the post:
you are putting the OP-1 into Disk mode, yes?