OP-1 Original No longer available for purchase on TE site

Was on the TE site this morning looking through the store like I usually do every couple of days in case they release something new and noticed that the Original OP-1 is no longer available for purchase…


It’s finally been officially discontinued. It was still for sale though on Amazon UK for around £750 the other day. They must have secured some of the final units


the end of an era. it had formidable run of well of a decade. im sure will still see plenty of them out in the wild despite the field being “better” in pretty much every way. the og is dope regardless.


I would’ve bought the 750 OG instead of the field had the op-z worked out for me AND had someone not convinced me of what you said (the field is upgraded in every way, and in some ways very serious upgrades like stereo…which kind of brings me back to your question/point the other day re:Input, the stereo audio input into the field makes a huge difference compare to when i select mono)

no you did the right thing. there is no function reason to choose og over the field. price is the only factor there, and i ack that that is very real. but pure feature perspective, there is no reason to choose the og. unless you want to be even more of a hipster (also very real ;D )

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Hah… having my OP-1, while the OP-1F is out for repair… has made me less sad at least :smiley:

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haha its a great backup!

Damn. Damn… Damn…