OP-1 + OTG Cable + Android / Got it working after some effort

Hello all,

I haven’t seen too many discussions on this recently (tried doing a couple searches) so I’d like to remind those who have an android phone for a cheap solution if you’re looking to access the flash disk of the OP-1 along with some tips.

I am well aware of those wireless media hubs such as the Kingston MobileLite and others but I always found the price a bit costly for the function I’d like to use it for. Now, many of you already know of the OTG adapter cables for android phones and tablets, and support for it is quite varied across different devices unfortunately BUT if you can confirm that your device supports OTG USB functionality you can find an OTG cable for $5 or less at Walmart.

Now for the tips and warnings, again I just haven’t found much on this topic regarding the OP-1 so others might find this useful:

As I tested, Android OS 5.0.2 on Moto G and 4.0.4 on Sony Xperia Ray seems to only support FAT32 storage devices, the OP-1 is formatted in FAT format, not FAT32 >>> So you most likely will have to “root” your Android device for this.
I’d recommend you root a spare android device if you don’t have a lot of experience with that, as you may brick your only working phone and that would be awful. In addition, depending on which device model you are trying to root, it may really take some time to gather the files together and find a good guide that won’t break your phone. Patience will be key so nothing is broken!

This may vary for other phones but after rooting I had to physically copy a few android kernel “modules” into my system’s directory. This allowed me to have my phone recognize the FAT format and not just FAT32.

On top of rooting your device you’ll have to get an app (StickMount, OTG USB Helper, etc) to help you “mount” the OP-1’s flash disk onto the device as well as a file explorer if your device doesn’t already have one. Note: Not ALL mounting apps will be compatible with your device, I tried many different ones until I found one that worked perfectly with my device.

Now if you have been successful to root your device and mount the flash storage of the OP-1 you should be able to edit user preset names, backup tape tracks (upload them to google drive, dropbox, etc) and even import samples if you have them on your device.

TL;DR if you have an OTG cable, it IS possible to use your android device to access your OP-1’s flash, but it may take some time and research into the whole “rooting” process as well as testing various apps to find one that is compatible with your device. If that seems like too much work, or are afraid of breaking your device then the next best option is definitely a wireless media hub.

Hope that helps someone out there trying to do the same.


I got my OP1 to work with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 using an OTG cable without rooting. I did need to use a powered hub though which wasn’t always convenient so love the Kingston Wireless G2 and at £20 didn’t break the bank. The powered hub may suit others though.

That’s good to know. It does seem to work painlessly on some devices with certain Android versions, I just have an older phone haha.

Android 4.2.2 here.

Added ‘+ Android’ to the title to make it more clear, since some of here are a little miffed or confused at TE advertising “OTG” functionality and the OP-1 clearly doesn’t act as a USB Host which is part of the OTG specification. Didn’t want people clicking on this thread thinking it was about that :slight_smile:

@KrisM Thanks!