Op-1 - Out of Stock

I’ve been looking for new Op-1s (in the UK) since mid December. Everywhere’s out of stock.

I’ve just looked on TE’s website & it’s out of stock there too.

Does anyone know how long TE take to replenish stock of the Op-1s?

TE won’t give me an estimate on new stock, so i’m just wondering if anyone remembers times previous when TE ran out of stock.


You can talk to Amazon customer service - they were correctly able to tell me they were getting some in stock in early January over a month before (although looks like they sold out fast). I vaguely remember the first person I spoke to said they had no way of knowing, but the second person I spoke to DID know, so… I dunno, depends who you get hold of I suppose?

I’ve checked sweetwater and guitar center and they were told end of February

I've checked sweetwater and guitar center and they were told end of February


Cheers people.

It’s driving me a little mad, as money burns a hole in my pocket.

I keep toying with idea of spending the money on a Montage, Kronos or waiting for the MPC X.

Chop chop, TE!

I have buddy is looking to sell his OP-1. Probably on reverb.com, its in mint condition. He tried selling to his friends first. If you are interested it will probably pop up there in a few days.

Thanks for the info. But I’ll probably wait for new stock, in the UK.

So…this morning, in the hour in took to drive to my mum’s, I get a ‘back in stock’ alert from Juno. By the time I get to my mum, check my email and click on the link, the 3 units they got back in stock have been sold (Within 20 mins)


I’ve ordered one on Amazon.de two weeks ago, it was shipped… I was really looking forward for some hands on with this lovely unit.

Unfortunately upon receiving what I thought was the unit, was just an empty box. The OP-1 was stolen during shipment!! Bummer!!
After a brief word with Amazon, they’ve put me up for a new order free of charge, but as it is sold out everywhere I guess I have to wait a bit longer for the wonderful Kit.

That must have been a little stressful; Wondering if Amazon would believe you.

Indeed, but as it turns out their customer support is really good.