OP-1 out to XLR in on Mixer (e.g. Yamaha AG 06 USB)

Disclaimer: This very likely is a stupid question but I’m no audio buff and searching Google didn’t turn up any definitive answers (though I might be using the wrong keywords). Apologies in advance for any cringes this question might induce :wink:

I’m currently looking into options regarding portable, battery or USB powered mixing of 4+ channels (OP-1+iPad+Volca+X). I came across the Yamaha AG 06 USB which might be what I’m looking for. While it does have a total of 4 line level inputs (Keyboard and CD in the images) I’d very much like to make use of the XLR inputs as well. From what I can see only one input has phantom power and that can be disabled via a button.

My question now is: Can I plug in my OP-1 into one of the XLR ports via an adapter and use it as just another input channel? If not, I’d be interested int he technical details, so don’t hold back.

p.s: If anyone has any pointers to better/more suitable portable mixing equipment I’m all ear.

You won’t need to use an XLR plug as, from what I can see, the Yamaha mixer has combination XLR/jack inputs.

What you need to bear in mind is that the minijack output on the OP-1 can handle stereo, however, the inputs on the mixer will each be mono.
Personally, I’d just use a stereo minijack (TRS) to 2xmono jacks (TS) splitter cable. That means you can take a mono output from the OP-1 into the mixer, saving yourself the other input port (just leaving the other jack hanging), but you also have the flexibility to send a stereo signal from the OP-1 by plugging into both mixer jacks if you ever want to.


Hey @cloudburst thanks for dropping some knowledge! I didn’t know that that might be possible but looking at the pics, the sockets sure do look like they take a jack or an XLR connector. Awesome. I’ll get me the AG 06 then, seems like it does all I want.

For the OP-1 I very likely route it to one of the two stereo channels. The other one is probably going to be for the iPad (Korg Gadget, Patterning, Audio Bus). I have a Volca Bass which will go to one of the monos. The last channel will probably be for the PO-20 (or 12) or someone else’s gear.