OP-1 Parts: Replacement Keybed

Hello, does anyone know a site that sells the replacement keybed for an OP-1?

I saw a post here in the past where someone mentioned replacement parts costs.
However, did not mention where you might place an order for that.

One of the ribbon cables that folds over from the backside to the front has severed.
Probably an “easy” fix since it seems to only be two leads on that part.
So if I knew how to splice two thin wires from one side to the other problem solved.
Just replacing the whole thing would be ideal though…
It is causing a few random keys on the OP-1 to obviously not send a signal.

As I am reading all sorts of crazy ribbon cable fixes. Support is emailing me.

Ordered replacement board from them for a very fair price.
Awesome company just takes a few days! =)

TE will replace them too for very cheap.

yup had my keyboard replaced once. the newer one was much more clacky and less mushy! wasnt even what i sent it in for lol. but they replaced that too.

What’s the turn around time for a keybed replacement? Does it get sent to Sweden or are there other repair facilities?

Either way, it is good to know they’re on top of it. I often think, as I am holding down firmly on the keys I use most often (shift, rec, middle C) that they’ll not last forever.