OP-1 Pattern and Finger Sequencers LIVE

Before I pull the trigger on buying an OP-1 like so many of you before me I watched almost anything avail although much is quite dated in terms of tutorials BUT so good in temrs of understanding how this machine work.

I’m aware of the different workflow now in terms of recording patterns to into the tape BUT when I stumbled upon the fact that Quantization is not avail I was left with big ? So I kept watching and I see both Finger and Pattern sequencers are common step editing and so quantize BUT how about entering the notes ( or Drum steps ) Live while the sequencer is running? I see the finger has such feature but patterns does not? This is crucial to me as I come from gear like Elektron or Roland were you run the sequencer and play recording the notes instead of having to do a step-editing which may work in my case for adjustment… Apologies if this issue as been raised several times

Are you asking that if you have the tape playing a loop, and you press a key to get your “Pattern” sequence going, will that start to play in time? No, it will play as soon as you press it.

If you are asking if you can live play INTO the “Pattern” sequencer to record a step sequence, yes by holding shift and tapping out the beat.

If you are asking if you run the sequencer, maybe by using the hold function, and record… I don’t know? Not sure I understand, if that is the question. Do you mean record a new sequence while tape is playing something else?

Basically Im asking if both melody or drum pattern can be recorded tapping live ( or by external keyboard ) instead of step edit on the grid note or drum step one by one. I know I sound dumb but im.sure im.missing quite a lot. but Im about to splash good money and wanna be sure to get it right. I previously owned an Op-Z and smashed by the components that cant understand why TE are not including in their flagship. As far as the tape is concerne Im quite sure Is goong to be the most complex side probably… cant say much as only watching videos… But I guess your second question answered me

They would have to add an extra row of buttons just for the sequencer. That might be why.

You can definitely play into the arpeggiator live, and it is quite different from other arpeggiators. It’s worth exploring.

I will check the others and report back!


Yes and yes. You can input notes into both the Pattern and Finger sequencers while they are running. You just hold the shift button, then tap any key.

In Pattern, you can play other notes over the top of the running sequence. In Finger, pressing a note switches to a different pattern, so you can’t play over the top

Thank you :slight_smile: I’m keep digging

genuinely, if an elektron-like workflow is “crucial”, I don’t think the OP-1 is right for you.
(coming from someone with many years deep into both the OP-1 and the a4mkii.)

imo a lot of people get the wrong impression when they see “sequencers” on the OP-1.
The OP-1 is all about the tape. Linear, but continuous; fragile, but instant.
Making a song on the OP-1 is recording and re-recording to the tape.

The sequencers are focused tools to make that easier, more fun, more interesting, more complex. Not really suited to being the core workflow themselves.

BUT, if you embrace all that, and stretch away from the sequencer-heavy workflows you’re used to, then you can dial in to the creative spontaneity that the OP-1 offers in a unique way.


‘operating’ in linear way is not a problem for me and I see many also use to connect the op-1 to their own DAW skipping internal sequencers which is not my idea ( no point for me to buy OP-1 just for the internal synths ) but can be done, Still I’m attracted by although not having the OP-1 in front of me is hard to tell how can I fit into my composing, clearly the Tape is more than welcom for external recordings and I need to watch some extra videos for manipulating external loops , slicing ect… I’m into experimenting so that is the challenge for me

First post… probably the wrong place.
I think this is unrelated to the original question, but I found my way here wondering:

Can you record to tape while live editing the sequencer?

Which I figured out & what you have to do is:

  1. Change the mic input src to the EAR
  2. Hold Record (You have to hold the entire time)
  3. Press the sequencer key (still holding rec)
  4. Enable hold with orange knob
  5. Edit Sequence

I found this useful as a workaround for making longer patterns / multiple rapid patterns that you can later chop and rearrange on tape.

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