OP-1 Pictures

A thread for OP-1 images…

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triptic open

^ Dimi3 you damn show-off! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Is there a “block user” button on this new forum?)



gotta start a thread out right!

lol, I never knew you had all three colors of the official case for your three OP-1s. I’m just rolling the grey.

I finally got them all

Do you have the rack that fits three OP-1s @dimi3? Or has it actually been on sale ever? Just wondering about the ergonomics of it…

Sweet pics dimi3, do you have videos of playing all 3?

@vehka no I don’t but I made one a while back. I find I like the and individual tools, and that was the reason for the three colors cases… three different projects.

As for the TE rack I am not sure it was ever put on sale, maybe early on. I used it at NAMM in 2013. it was good, better then I imagined.

@kites not really. I use them in different situations. I can try and get something together at some point, but I will have to think about it.

oh no! i’m dying here- don’t see any photos… i’m on my laptop, not mobile so not sure why i don’t see them! i asked about the 3 rack stand, they never made any to sell. said they would clean up the file and let me 3D print one but never sent it yet…

Hmmm…no pictures here for me either. Using Firefox on a windows machine…

this is weird… I will look into it

in the upgrade maybe the images got nuked! I don’t see them either!

Earlier I tried uploading a 66KB pic and it sat there for over a minute before I said to hell with it and used my Photobucket hehe.

No images displayed for me either. iPad iOS7 in Safari…

Not seeing Photos either

I see dead people

Hahaaha slomen