OP-1 playing up after 2 days!

Plugged a set of headphones in my newly bought unit (2days) and all of a sudden it doesn’t start up. So I reset the unit and recharged what I thought to be a near fully charged battery and it restarted. Started it up today and the speaker didn’t work. Plugged headphones in to check whether the whole unit was dead and it worked. Pulled headphones out and speaker started working… you get the picture! I can’t believe that such a unit with such a high price can be so flimsy. Searched and read thru the many issues others are having and all of a sudden TE are not looking that great. I’m going to try and contact TE support on this as the unit obviously doesn’t do what is advertised and that is work consistently. This is really disappointing esp if I have to return it and wait for it to be fixed. I now have a totally unreliable unit which is not what you’d expect at this price and boast factor.

Not sure about the charging issue (are you sure it was fully charged?), but the OP-1 mutes the speaker on startup to prevent any potential speaker pops. It will gradually fade back up in volume. This most likely explains one of your issues!

It seems that when the battery is low or needs recharging, which by the by doesn’t easily show by pressing the question btn, the OP-1 will not start up. That’s reasonable I suppose but the speaker was making a funny noise and there was a white line on the right hand side of the screen. So I sort of panicked. It seems to be working now so it must have been just all the planets lining up. We’ll see.

Possible stiffness in the in/out board maybe.
My speaker didnt seem to work very initially ,but after I jacked in headphones it seemed to start. Like the socket sensed headphones at first without connection, so muted speaker. The USB is on that board too…don’t know. Not so sure about your white . hope it settles down.

Whatever it was it seems to have settled down. I think after all this, it was probably more to do with the battery not going through a proper charging process. In the end I read the manual. But it was acting weird in any case. Fingers crossed. It’s a lovely machine.

FYI: the OP-1 does not give out any voltage to inserted microphones, for example like the RODE Lavalier. So any mic used with the OP-1 must have it’s own power.

Thanks for all the replies.