OP-1\PO Wiki?

So I was browsing forum lately and thought about creating the wiki-type resource for OP-1\POs\OPZ(later), where we can store and manage tips, tricks, workarounds and general functionality explanations, because most of usefull data tends to get lost in the forums. I think there is potential to it, but on the other hand - TE products are about exploration and experiment, so creating detailed how-to guides might be a bit meh idea. Anyway, wanted to bring this idea up to the community. What you guys think?

Upd: I think we can simply create resource and add some usefull tips from forum discussions to it right on, sorting by topics and such.

+1, very good idea, especially regarding the bad performances of the search engine of this board…

I don’t think it would be a threat to the exploration of hidden fonctions, cause diving into a wiki is a very different thing than letting happy accidents happen. I personnally like both, depending on the moment… Also it seems to me that having an clear and easy way to find out - say - how to connect your OP-1 with other MIDI gear would probably be beneficial to everyone!


Count with me, I have tons of tips in my onenote that come from this forum and some more which I’d love to add to the wiki!