OP-1 portable midi host


I’m planning to buy the OP-1 but the lack of velocity sensitivity is a bummer. I plan to side step this by using a small midi keyboard with drum pads.

From what I have read, it seems that you need a usb midi host. These need to be plugged in. This defeats the purpose of having a portable system. Is there a way to use a battery? What is the most compact portable setup? MidiGal? Thank you.

i think what u are looking for is a HOST not a HUB.

kenton usb midi host is prolly the easiest.
power via USB rechargeable battery like the ones used for smartphones for portability

edit kenton is for DIN Midi jack to USB. not USB to USB.
not sure which one u are going for

@docshermsticks Sorry yes I mean a HOST. How about if I was planning to use my Iphone 6s plus and use that as a host? How would I power the external keyboard?

@SOMAtic said:
How would I power the external keyboard?

If it’s powered over USB use an external charger maybe?

some keyboards may not draw that much power and be able to be powered from your phone

the newer CCK has an extra lightning port that allows you to charge your phone and power your USB devices all the same.

@docshermsticks Oh perfect. So with the new CCK, you would just need your op-1, new cck, usb splitter, iphone, portable battery and midi keyboard?


sounds about right

I have a gpd win portable gaming laptop that I like to use as a dual purpose USB midi host it’s super portable, although the price is too high to justify buying it soley for that reason. It is a great utility for the op-1 in general though. I can back up/name my patches on the go as well as run/control software vst synthesizers and record it to the op-1.