OP-1 powering off all by his little cheeky self :(

My OP-1 seems to have a dodgy power switch all of a sudden. I switch it on and during boot-up (TE logo) it will sometimes go black (off). If I give it a good solid few switches off/on, it will eventually stay on, but I’m scared that Graham (my OP-1) is dying? He’s not called Graham.

I did by this OP-1 used, so I am not the original serial number man. Is there any hope for me? Anyone had this?

When I first got mine it did this.

It’s not a faulty switch, most likely dirt or dust in the switch.

I’d got in touch with TE and they suggested I used a knife to scrape off some of the paint around the switch to give the switch just that little extra travel distance to truly be on or off as it sounded to them it was just on the hanging point between on/off off/on.

Was really wary to do this and plus it didnt seem like that problem to me.

I just switched the unit on and off a lot. And when moving the switch I would slightly press on it too or press and move to the left/right (if that makes sense) - Basicaly what I was trying to achieve was to remove/move/grind down any pieces of dirt or dust in there.

That’s nearly two years ago now and I’ve NEVER had the problem since I first got it.

Hopefully it’s the same case with yours.

Thanks, I give the grubby little thing a go.