OP-1 preset handling

Reading the manual and watching youtube tutorials, I find it a bit difficult to fully understand synthesizer preset handling in OP-1. One way of learning is of course to experiment - and I certainly will when my OP-1 arrives. The most important question before experimenting however: do I risk destroying any of the original presets when playing around? If I do, is there any way to restore them?

The manual says "press shift + any key from 1 to 8 and a list of all available sound presets is shown". Is it possible to modify this list of sound presets? Can I store new sound presets without loosing the original ones or is the size of this list fixed?

Grateful for any extra information to how the preset handling works.


PS The OP-Cookbook looks interesting - is it good? Is it available in any format that can be read on the Android platform? PDF?

I havent got the cookbook but a lot of folk say it’s a good thing to have.

All Factory Presets on the OP-1 cannot be deleted or over-written. Any presets you create from working on Factory Presets are saved in the User directory.

You can then pull these presets off the OP-1 using your computer, rename these files and archive them in folders to be stored on your computer.

You can then take these files (or folders) back into the OP-1 and they will appear in the list of sound presets when you press shift 1-8.

This will all make sense when you get the OP-1/

Great, thanks! So the user directory can store eight synth presets and eight drum presets?

No, the 8 buttons can be assigned to presets chosen from any of the Factory preset lists or any custom preset lists.

So when in drum more the 1-8 are assigned to different drum sounds, when in synth mode they are for assigning to synth presets.

You’ll maybe find the info somewhere on this forum about the amount of user presets and the amount of custom presets you can have in the OP-1 memory.

Like I said, everything will make sense when you get your OP-1 :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your reply! I guess I will have to wait till I get my OP-1 - it should arrive any day now. Now that I know that I can not destroy the factory presets I will happily play around till I understand! :slight_smile:

You won’t lose anything on the OP-1 readily. With most stuff that can be cleared/overwritten, unlike the factor presets, you’ll be warned that you’re about to erase something.