OP-1 Presets & Samples Project - Suggestions!

Hi everyone! First post here, but long time lurker.

I am currently doing a Masters program and for my final project I have decided that I will put out several Presets packs and Samples to be used mainly with the OP-1. This is only one part of a bigger project I’m putting together for a Performance rig I am building.

I wanted to ask everyone here in the forum, what kind of presets (synth engines and d-box) would you want? As in what kind of sounds? I thought it would be cool to work with themes in mind. For example, Futuristic sounds. I think I’ve read someone was looking for “water” sounds for examples. Water could be a cool theme too!

Kind of the same question but with samples. What samples are you interested in? Any drum sounds you’ve heard on a tune and wished you could have them on your OP-1?

I will be releasing some of them for free starting in june. I’ll probably post them on op1.fun but the complete packs will be on my website for purchase (probably between $2 - $5 each pack)

Feel free to give suggestions please! Would really appreciate. Also, I go by @cemillerena in Instagram if you wish to check out some OP-1 videos I upload everyone now and then.


I love old school drums.
I know they’re a bit played out but 808 extended booms and long hats & cymbals and CR -78 drums’ sound nice.
Also a classic breaks pack with Amen chopped nice and the break from RAW by Big Daddy Kane, plus Think by Lyn Collins.Maybe a classic King Tubby dub break thrown in. (I guess this pack would have to be free due to copyright?)
Not very imaginative, I know, but hey.